I don’t know about you, but for me choosing the right park can make or break a beautiful sunny afternoon! It’s finally starting to warm up and ease into the nice weather but where should you go to spend a day at the park? Luckily for you, Eagle has so many amazing parks near by, you can’t go wrong! Here is a little run down of each park to make your decision a bit easier!

Reid Merrill Park

Reid Merrill Park was designed by my mom on behalf of my grandpa Reid Merrill. Where it stands today was once a massive egg farm! Today it is a beautiful and well-maintained park with plenty of awesome amenities! The park has large play structures and even a climbing wall. On the other side of the park there is a huge splash pad to keep the little ones cool in the summer months. There is plenty of shade under large pavilions with picnic areas for a perfect place to have lunch or host a get-together.  In addition to all these awesome things it also has riverside greenbelt walking trails and a large open space perfect for sports. It’s nearby neighborhoods like Two Rivers and Island Woods which have back door access. It’s downtown location makes it a perfect place for local events such as the Food Truck Roundup, Eagle Fun Days events and concerts like Baldapalooza.

Eagle Island State Park

Eagle Island is a massive state park that we are lucky to have right up the road! It has a massive play structure and a huge twisty waterslide that kids ~love~ to go on. It has a little sandy beach inlet which is perfect for a dip on a cool day. They have a small gift shop with souvenirs and rentals for paddle boarding. On the other end of the park, there is peaceful walking trails and even a zip-lining course run by ZipBoise. In the winter this park also doubles as a local tubing hill. This is one of my family’s favorite spots for family reunions during the summer!

Stephen C. Guerber Park

Stephen C. Guerber Park is one of the newest parks in the community and is frequently upgraded! They have a large play structure that has many different climbing levels making it perfect for a wide range of ages. On the floor of the play structure rather than bark, there is a spongy material to minimize slivers and ease a fall. There is a large splash pad and a basketball court, baseball field, and soccer field. Next to the park is a huge hill perfect for hill runs and training. They have a few large pavilions providing shady refuge from the summer sun. This park hosts many community events such as the Glow in the Park and the Easter EGGstravaganza.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a perfect little quaint spot in the heart of town! In the center, there is a cute gazebo and small fountains for little ones to play in. In the parking lot there sits a little snow shack that provides a yummy treat in the heat of a cool day! There is plenty of shade provided by some beautiful old climbing trees. Sitting downtown, there is tons of food available for any preference. The perfect location makes it a prime spot for many downtown events such as a food truck roundup, school fairs, library events, and most famously the Saturday Market.

Luckily Eagle has more parks than many surrounding cities such as Star or Meridian. I hope this has helped you narrow down your choices of where you choose to spend a day off! If you have a whole weekend you may even want to look into some state parks nearby to go camping! If you ever want personal recommendations or have questions on anything in our community, feel free to give me a call!

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