Once located where the Eagle History Museum is today, the Eagle Library has grown into a vast place where the mind can wander and grow. From rows of books and movies, to cake pans and fishing poles, the library has anything you could possibly ever need or want. In recent years, they have expanded to include more high technology options to appeal to more ages and provide more accessibility.

Inexpensive Fun

Library cards are available to anyone and they cost nothing at all! To me, the best part about the library is that you can get so much out of it for no cost out of your pocket, as long as you don’t lose your books! But if you do misplace one, don’t fret! You can either pay with cash or card or you can donate canned or non perishable food to pay off your fees. One dollar per one can means one more meal for someone in need. The Eagle Library has done away with late fees in an effort to make sure all their items get return, but for all of us, that is wonderful news! Now you don’t have to be scared of bringing in that one game they’ve been calling about for the last month. Even though you know is sitting upstairs on your dusty shelf under a pile of other games, it’s okay, we all get busy!


The library has so much new and inventive technology to use and even rent out. In one corner they have a large TV connected to gaming consoles to try games out in the library. Many rows of computers offer people of all ages a place to do homework, play games or job search. With a large variety of video games and a massive selection of movies, you can make any stay at home date night perfect. Offer plenty of online services such as a movie streaming app, eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and more allows those who simply don’t have time to get there, the same access!. They even have a 3D printer that is open to use of the public! Ipads, 3D doodle pens, in-library use laptop rentals and more anything that you could possibly want to use or try, they have it at the library.

Community Involvement

The library is a creative hub for the community from small children to seniors. EPL has truly thought of everything when it comes to making it all accessible. They offer homebound delivery for those who are prohibited by any way from leaving their home whether it’s by disability, illness or old age, they’re happy to reach out and extend a hand to help. It has been incredible to watch the community get involved and support the library. The library loves to gets involved in local schools offering one free day pass to Roaring Springs for every student who completes 10 hours of reading. Concluding their Summer Reading Program, local students have an opportunity to participate in a summer celebration for all readers. This last year, the turnout was incredible. Game Booths were manned by volunteers and were scattered throughout the lawn.  There were food trucks and of course the fire department and police department will always be there to support these great events.


Of course you can rent all the latest and greatest books from the library but did you know you can rent just about anything else you can think of? I’ve seen cake pans, gaming remotes, fishing poles, and about every game you can think of. I’ve even seen cookie cutter molds and other kitchenware to rent out at one point. With this much variety, it would nearly be impossible to think of something you couldn’t find at the local library. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, they will help you reserve from other location such as Star or Meridian library and set you up to receive a text when it has arrived.

Classes and Clubs

Year round the volunteers at the Eagle Library put their heart and soul into creating a place of creative learning and opportunity. The classes offered by EPL range from anything like creating art to robotics and technology. All summer long, they offer plenty of classes to bring kids of any and all ages to. They even have classes for age ranges in the teens, young adults and adults in the community. This provides a wonderful way to stay connected and find people who share similar interests and passions. They are amazing about bringing in guest speakers and finding new and creative activities to do. Many local clubs, HOA’s and support groups use the library as a meeting place multiple times a month. Any given day, the calendar offers a  class or story time for even the youngest children.  I saw a 3D printing series offered last summer along with a young artist painting class.


Although most books today are available online, there is something satisfying about turning the pages of a good book.  Next time you are downtown, do yourself a favor and take a walk through the library.  You’ll find something new every time, I am sure of it:)