One of the questions people ask me often when arriving in Idaho is “What is the Eagle weather really like?” The short answer is “It’s amazing”. Seriously, the great part about Eagle’s weather is the four distinct seasons. And in addition to this, each season is absolutely beautiful. In springtime the grass gets green, blossoms and flowers peek out and we have a small amount of rain which leaves beautiful rainbows. As summer approaches, the foothills turn green and it gets warmer during the day. Summer days are a “dry” heat. With rivers and lakes nearby, water sports are a great way to cool off.  As fall approaches, the leaves turn and the air begins to chill meaning winter is right around the corner. Eagle winters are not to be feared. Eagle sits in a valley and when the snow falls it rarely will stay on the ground for more than a few days. Roads stay clear and the air is crisp. One local ski resort is about 45 minutes from Eagle, making it super convenient. Each of the four seasons offers benefits and beauty, and all are enjoyed by the local residents

What is the weather really like?

So, if you’re considering relocating to Eagle or visiting the area for the first time you can enjoy the environment and atmosphere of the Gem State. Although Eagle is in the Pacific Northwest, it has a very pleasant year-round climate. Like its neighboring cities Boise and Meridian, Eagle is located in a wide river valley. It is about 480 miles from the Oregon Coast, which actually creates a kind of tropical effect of warm air. These and other conditions of the river plain allow Eagle to have an overall mild climate. Perfect year-round for whatever outdoor activity you enjoy, whether it’s golfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or hiking, Eagle has a perfect temperate condition.

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What about Rain or Snow?
One reason I love Eagle is we have a low annual rainfall of 11 inches and an average snowfall of 30 inches in the winter, although recent years have shown a steady decline in the annual snowfall in the area. (That can be good or bad depending on who you talk to.) Amazingly, the lowest average temperature in January is about 24 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest average temperature is 90 degrees in July. Compared to the national average, Eagle is slightly warmer than most American cities both in winter and summer. The elevation of Eagle offers residents a low UV index of about 4.0 despite having plenty of sun all year around. Sunny days in Eagle are 278 out of 365 days a year. Plenty of sunshine for enjoying the beautiful outdoors from spring to winter.

Idaho offers residents and visitors a plethora of fun outdoor activities from hiking, horseback riding, camping, river rafting, fishing, to snowboarding. and more. The proximity of Eagle to the neighboring foothills and mountain ranges allows us to receive breeze in the early evenings and morning. This provides ample moisture that benefits the local climate in the entire area. Winds mostly blow east and west along the entire valley and these winds bring relief in the warm summer evenings.

How About Outdoor Activities?

Eagle seems just about perfect for anything you could ever want to outdoors. In the winter, we have some incredible skiing and snowboarding resorts in the mountains. Some of my favorite resorts are Tamarack and Bogus Basin located just 1-2 short hours from the heart of Boise. Now in the spring and summertime, the weather is perfect for sports like baseball, basketball, or soccer. But, my personal favorite summer activity is taking a boat out onto one of the many lakes nearby. Whether you are one that likes to lounge in the boat or one that likes to be in the center of the action on the tube or even just take it easy on the shore, the summer weather is absolutely perfect for a day on the lake.

For those who are more into nature, the Eagle area never falls short. It’s just the perfect distance from mountain air, rolling hills, or that phenomenal feel of open roads. There are a plethora of hiking trails just moments from wherever you decide to live with stunning views to make it all worthwhile. There are also plenty of equestrian and biking trails. Bogus Basin doubles as an amazing hiking and biking location in the summer that people come from all over to see. If you are into photography, nothing will beat the incredible things to see and capture in our neck of the woods. No matter who you are or what you like I bet that the weather in Idaho can accommodate your outdoor passions.

Hot or Cold?
Like its neighboring states to the south, Idaho has a warmer temperature index that resembles a mild desert climate. This means the temperature cools down in the early evening and throughout the night while it peaks in mid-afternoon. Sheltered by the surrounding mountains, our town is protected from the cold, moist winds from the north during fall and winter, leading to what we call “pleasant” winters.

People often ask about the wine grapes they see in the area. We have lower than average precipitation than other cities in the U.S. Snow and rain is most common between late November and May, making up about 75 percent of the annual precipitation in the area. However, this does not discourage the right conditions for growing grapes and many other fruits. Fog and mist only occur in winters and often drift around the greater Treasure Valley until the sun burns them off.

Overall, Eagle has incredible weather. Warm springs and pretty dry weather thanks to our altitude and the milder air masses blowing from the Pacific Ocean. If one has to judge Eagle’s weather, it would be hot, not cold, but rather, it’s safe to say, Eagle is pleasantly warm all year round. If you haven’t decided on the should-I-or-should-I-not, pick up the phone and give me a call. I’d be happy to talk to you about the weather or any other element of living in Eagle, and what makes it so special.

My name is Alei and I love my hometown. Feel free to reach out at any time.

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