If you are investigating a move to Idaho, you want to ensure that wherever you move is perfect for you. After all, this is a very big leap to take into a new community. Star and Eagle Idaho are both beautiful options. I have sold dozens of homes in both areas, and have many people you can talk to personally. Are you are looking for a quiet hometown with a slower pace but not sure where you fit best? I’m here to help you decide. With information on community, amenities and other important factors, I am your resource to help take the unknown out of the equation of choosing your next home.

The Essence of Star

Just 2 miles outside of the Eagle boarder is a quaint country town called Star. You may have to drive a bit farther to go out but Star’s plentiful offerings makes it worth the commute. Star is full of cozy cafes and local markets that give it a beautiful home town feel. With open roads and  rolling hills, Star offers everything you need to have your own slice of farm town heaven.

To some, Star feels a bit out in the boonies but that is mostly accredited to the mild commute. Star is a great option for those who enjoy the country life but prefer to live closer to a city. Star is just 15 minutes from Eagle and 35 from Boise. But within the city, there is everything you need. Star has a grocery store at the heart of the town, some great food and even an auto parts shop. Anything you’d need for day to day living, you can find without leaving Star.


Star’s landscape offers plenty of things that aren’t seen in many cities especially out west. Many people on their morning commute enjoy beautiful sunrises over open roads. There are seldom buildings and never sky scrapers blocking the view of the beautiful morning sky as it fades into yet another beautiful day. There is plenty of farm land in the Star area and many family farms that supply locally grown food in markets and restaurants. Many people new to the area love the back roads that go on for miles. The small town feel of this beautiful environment is just one that can’t be beat.

Eagle’s landscape is similar in a sense, many beautiful sights to see and some farm land along the northern boarder of the city. There are plenty of backroads that lead into the Eagle foothills, a gorgeous landscape where you can drive for hours. Plenty of people with horses find homes near to the foothills where they can also have plenty of acreage to do with, what they please. The difference between Eagle and Star is Eagle is a lot more of a city feel whereas Star is more of a town. Eagle’s downtown has a wide variety of options for dining and entertainment as well as boutiques and galleries. Eagle has had a lot more time to develop its downtown and Star is still up and coming but surely developing fast! Eagle is in the center of a lot of things so the commute isn’t as rough.

Each city has plenty to offer for those looking for a change of scenery. Whether you want to slow life down for a minute or dive into a new community on the rise, either of these towns would be great for your relocation.

Schools + Parks

The city of Star only offers two schools in the city boundaries. There is Star Elementary School which has been in the community since 1975. For all primary aged students, Star Elementary is the local elementary school. There is North Star Charter which is nestled nearly on the boarder between Star and Eagle. Within city boarders, Star also has a brand new middle school just opened in 2018, called Star Middle School. As an option for high school, most attend Eagle High School which is just a 10-15 minute drive from Star towards Eagle. Though the commute may be tiresome, there are plenty of nearby opportunities for education in Star.

Eagle has a wide variety of options for schooling within the city, because of the size of the city and the population. There are schools focused on the arts such and Eagle Elementary School of the Arts or Idaho Fine Arts Academy. Galileo Magnet School is for K-6 and their main focus is on STEM. There are plenty of options for general public education that have great staff such as Eagle Middle School and Eagle High School. North Star Public Charter School is another option for either Eagle or Star. They offer an International Baccalaureate (IB) program that brings in exchange students and gives students a better head start for higher education. There is a school to accommodate any and every gifted child to the best of their needs.


Star is on the rise. With Eagles ever expanding community, Star is the next best option for a similar lifestyle. Eagle’s population is over 26,000 people whereas Star’s population is only 6,000 people. With less people, there is more opportunity to really feel like you know everyone in your town. Star is the kind of place where there are regulars at the cafe and people recognize you in the grocery store. This small town feeling really creates a sense of strong community.

Eagle also has sense of community, it’s just a bit harder to get to know everyone in a large area. Eagle is around 30 square-miles whereas Star is just over 6 square-miles. Eagle’s local markets and businesses make it simple to network with people in your community and there are so many neighborhoods that provide a great place to start building your network.

Both cities have amazing options for libraries and parks and other places to keep kids entertained year round. The Star and Eagle libraries both work together in a large network of libraries in the county to ensure you can find what you need. The parks in Star offer similar amenities to the parks in the Eagle area. Riverwalk park is similar to Reid Merrill park, being on the edge of the water and offering plenty of space for kids to run around. Hunter’s Creek Sports Park offers a space to play a variety sports from baseball to skateboarding even. On the boarder is Eagle Island State Park which offers water activities, a large playground, a waterslide and pavilion area. No matter where you decide to settle, there are plenty of things to do a short distance from anywhere.


Because Star is a developing community, there is a lot more land available which goes back to a supply v. demand concept. With so much land, there’s opportunity to build and design your own home on as much land as you want. This gives great opportunity for an acreage home with as much land as you could want for your kids to run around or a family farm. Star also has new construction homes in beautiful neighborhood communities. There is plenty of variation as far as homes go. You can take a look at a few on the Buy page to get a feel for the home opportunities available. There are beautiful homes available for any size and lifestyle of family.

After covering this, I hope you have a better idea of what Eagle and Star are like. Now you may feel better prepared and able to make this decision. If you have any other questions feel free to give me a call any time! I’m happy to help arm you with the knowledge you need to feel ready to move to our beautiful community.

All real estate is local, especially in the Idaho area, where climates don’t just refer to the weather. Each neighborhood and area possesses its own culture, feel, convenience, and market trends. That’s why I give you real day-to-day data, providing you with both the current factors and comparisons of changes over time. A personal call is the best first step to talk what is in your best interest.