A lady from Texas called me today and asked why I thought “what makes Eagle, Idaho so special?” Well, I hesitated for just a moment, and only because I feel Eagle provides so much that it’s a hard question to answer. In my opinion, Eagle is a haven for people looking for that “ideal” place to live. A small-town atmosphere in close proximity to a growing bigger city. Many locals call it the “quiet side of Boise” as Eagle gives its residents access to the convenience of big city life, yet with the comforts of countryside living and of course that smaller-town feel. It’s also a newer “hotbed” of small business creation and entrepreneurship.

Eagle Overview

Eagle is located between the Foothills and the Boise River,  providing unique closeness to nature. It has one of the best natural settings and residential neighborhood designs in the state. Eagle has a population of about 29,000 residents with a median age of 44 years old and an adult population of 73%. With a growing population base, Eagle has become a perfect destination for business startups and real estate investment. Eagle offers its residents a quaint suburban setting with lots of trees, a charming downtown district, and ample shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Some of the best restaurants in all of Idaho are in Eagle. Some of my favorite places to meet people include Yumm Cafe, Rembrandt’s, and the Wild West. There is also an 80’s themed arcade for the curious kids and nostalgic parents called Grinkers,

I told the lady one of the amazing things about Eagle is its overall atmosphere;  the crime rate is one of the lowest in the U.S. and its schools offer excellent education. Not to mention the people in Eagle, especially those I have had the privilege to work with are some of the most hardworking and compassionate people I have ever met. For anyone looking for a great area to move, Eagle is the place to be as there are homes in a multitude of price ranges, from starter homes, to homes on large acreage properties.

While residents enjoy its small-town comforts, Eagle is far from being out of touch with modern conveniences and recreational opportunities. Eagle is a short drive from the Eagle Foothills. It’s an hour’s drive away from the Bogus Basin Ski Resort and the wineries of Canyon County. The Tamarack Ski Resort is about an hour and a half to the north. It’s even surrounded by small quaint towns like Star for a taste of the slow life. Plus, in the winter the weather is perfect for a nice day on the slopes!

Eagle has beautiful and challenging golf courses: Banbury Golf Course, Spurwing Club, and Eagle Golf Course rank as three of the top-10 golf courses in Idaho. Let’s not forget Eagle Island State Park –  an excellent place to spend a day with activities and recreation with or without the kids. There are dozens and dozens of top reasons to love this city.

Whether you’re looking to move, invest, or visit, Eagle has something for everyone. It’s a budding area full of promise, growth, and new development potential. I’d love for you to make Eagle, Idaho your new living destination. This city is my favorite because what is now downtown used to be my family’s 63-acre egg farm. Learn more about homes in the Eagle Foothills. 

So, how may I help you? When you have any questions about the area, do not hesitate to call me at 208-573-1619. I’m always happy to share my perspective. My blog is no substitute for my personal attention to your real estate needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions; schools, sports, things to do, or whatever.