Five Reasons to Move to Eagle, Idaho

Downtown Eagle
Eagle, Idaho is a hidden gem just minutes from downtown Boise with a small-town atmosphere. Eagle started as a small farm town in the early 1950’s and now has new communities as well as established areas with walking paths, open spaces and community parks. Below are a few highlights of the great city of Eagle. Abolute beauty.

Eagle spans from the foothills north of Eagle to the rim area south of the river that overlooks the city.  In the valley between the foothills and the rim the Boise River runs alongside the greenbelt, parks and restaurants.  There are tree lined streets and several parks throughout the city including a State Park. Most subdivisions have sidewalks and walking paths as well as many areas of open spaces that provide residents quiet enjoyment.

The Convenience of the City
Eagle is only few miles from downtown Boise. Most conveniences can be found in the small town allowing residents to shop work and play right in their backyards. One of the best things about Eagle is that – while a stone’s throw from the excitement and noise of the big city – the small-town atmosphere makes it a serene safe-haven from the bright lights and bustle of Boise. With high-end boutique shopping and chain stores alike, you don’t have to venture further than downtown Eagle to get what you need. A range of dining experiences – from Rembrandts to Bardenay – promise variety and dozens of activities and events guarantee something to do in this quiet town.

Up and coming Eagle
Eagle has been a small suburb of big, bustling Boise for decades however, the word is out and it is growing fast. New communities are being built as more and more people realize this quiet, beautiful town exists. But, even in the midst of all this growth, Eagle maintains its charm. Crime rates are low, schools are still stellar, and the architecture of the sleepy mountain suburb is coherent – even as new custom homes are built to house the blossoming population.

Custom Homes and New Construction
Yes, that’s right. Custom homes. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a home built just for you, instead of buying a cookie-cutter house in a cookie-cutter community? With the rising population demanding more housing, and the quality standards set forth by the city government to discourage one-size-fits-all home architecture, custom construction experts are creating new communities with unique homes. This is just one of the many features that makes Eagle unique.

Small Town Community

Although Eagle is just a few short moments from Boise, it still has that small community home town feel. This is the kind of place where people know the regular customers and their order the second they walk into the café or if there’s something you need a hand with you can easily think of five people that could be at your door in minutes to help out. With such a tight knit community, people care about local government enough to get involved and give their opinions and they matter. The community is friendly to families of all sizes, empty nesters or even those who are just starting out. No matter where you are in your journey, this is a wonderful place to be and will probably be the place you never want to leave.

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