The 10-Minute-Away Escape

Just north of downtown are the Eagle Foothills. A beautiful area of moderate highlands with wild flowers, beautiful views, and rolling hills. Just a one-hour drive away from the hustle and bustle of Boise, the Eagle Foothills is a popular destination for hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking. That’s not all, the unique soil condition and weather has earned the itself an American Viticultural Area (AVA) in 2016. You’ll likely see a number of homes with rows of grapes.

The Eagle Foothills is home to the Eagle Foothills AVA, which is now a certified wine growing area. Vineyards in the Foothills promise to transform the Eagle Foothills into the next Napa Valley in the next ten years. The best wine growing regions in the world like Burgundy and Tuscany have a special climate. With an elevation of 4,874 feet and granitic and volcanic soil, it makes the ideal wine growing terroir. About 50,000 acres of the Eagle Foothills possess an excellent terroir for growing Rhone and Bordeaux varieties. The Snake River Valley lies on some extinct volcanoes, which gives them the perfect terroir for growing wine grapes.

The Eagle Foothills have several hiking and riding trails including the Eagle Heritage Park, the Blue Lake Trail Head, and Stack Rock Trails. There are numerous trails near Eagle and Boise. Outdoors enthusiasts could enjoy the outdoors year-round with being near to Bogus Basin Ski destinations and the Eagle BMX Park.

There are 343 miles of trails around Eagle that offer trails for all levels that are accessible all-year-round. The Broken Horn Trail, Baun’s Eye Trail, the Big Spring Loop, and Spring Valley Creek Trail are also all located near Eagle. The foothills and surrounding area offers outdoor enthusiasts with numerous hikes and trails.

Also found near Eagle Foothills are horse ranches and luxury acreages that allow visitors and riding enthusiasts with the unique opportunity of riding amidst the beautiful Idaho scenery. Ranches in the area provide visitors and residents with the opportunity to experience a wide range of equestrian activities. The Eagle Foothills are also a destination for long distance riding enthusiasts from around South Idaho. During the summer, the Eagle Foothills are a popular riding destination where there are state-wide events are held. These events feature distance riding, camping, and family-oriented riding activities.

The Eagle Foothills boast beautiful views of Idaho’s some of the postcard backdrops in every season. Residents and visitors could be surprised at the variety of outdoor as well as cultural activities the area has to offer. Whether you’re interested in the country’s newest burgeoning wine region or the dozens of amazing hiking and riding trails in the area, the Eagle Foothills is one of the most scenic and beautiful destinations in the American west.

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