Squeeze In Breakfast & Lunch

Eagle is known and beloved for it’s many quaint locally owned and operated restaurants! And I have had the pleasure of recently meeting one of the up and coming restauranteurs, Nate Bartosz. Nate always greets his customers with a hello and welcome which helps cultivate the small town atmosphere we love here in Eagle. As someone who has lived here for my whole life and watched Eagle grow and blossom into the town we have today, I love supporting our local restaurants and up and coming entrepreneurs! And we can already tell, this restaurant is going to Squeeze In Eagle Idaho just fine!

Known for their specialty omelettes, there are 16 crazy combinations that are anything but ordinary! They also have a massive build your own option. And if you aren’t one for omelettes, that’s okay! They also offer any omelette combination to be served in the form of a breakfast scramble or breakfast burrito instead! Need a pick-me-up? Ask what their mimosa of the month is or check out their local coffee brews! If you’re like my daughter and are strictly a fan of the classics, not to worry because their “Usual Suspects” menu is for you! Are you a sweet breakfast person? Check out their Poppin’ Pancakes and Fabulous French Toast! They are sure not to disappoint!

Their lunch menu is fantastic but you gotta act fast because they close at 2pm just like Rembrandts Coffee House down the street. Squeeze serves some delicious salads and sandwiches and to top it all off, they have a BYOB menu.. you know.. build your own burger? I’m especially a fan of the option to choose chicken, beef or a plant based option! This is just one way that Squeeze accommodates to food choices and allergies!

Deals and Accommodations

Gluten free, vegan or allergies? They can work with you! As someone who doesn’t eat gluten, this restaurant has been awesome in working with me and providing excellent alternatives! On their menu they clearly mark what dishes are gluten-free and vegan friendly. They also mention on the front page that if you have an allergy, you can let your waiter know so they can be sure to make the excellent cooks aware of it! At any restaurant, you could ask for this but I really appreciate that they’ve made it something evident on their menu!

If you’re a fan of birthday deals and fun events, you can join their egghead club! You can earn points towards free meals each time you eat there, you get a $5 welcome gift certificate and a $10 gift certificate for your birthday. You can even get a free bottle of champagne for your anniversary! Oh yeah and it’s TOTALLY FREE! That’s my kinda rewards program!

They also have a program where you can donate a hot meal to a hospital worker. Squeeze In is working in accordance with #FeedTheLocalNeed to facilitate donations to feed our hospital workers well for all the overtime and craziness they have in these unprecedented times.

Oh, and they also have a little recommendation from restaurant connoisseur Bobby Flay “greatest omelettes on the PLANET!”… no big deal (!!!)

Where did Squeeze Come From?

*Cue the funky outer space sounds* Why aliens? Way back when a woodworker named Grandpa Marvin wanted to make lawn ornaments that aren’t your typical pink flamingo and lawn gnome. So, he started making aliens that soon began popping up all over the neighborhood. Eventually, one crash landed into the very first Squeeze In in Truckee CA where a patron wrote “best omelettes on the planet.”  So from that point on, aliens became the quirky cornerstone mascot of every Squeeze In.

This little chain that started in the small town of Truckee, CA has made its way into Nevada, Texas, and latest of all Squeeze In Eagle Idaho! Squeeze has also made its way into major news outlets like: USA Today, Food Network, New York Times, Forbes, and even Vogue! And we can see why! Their portions are massive and their crew is so friendly. The atmosphere is unlike any breakfast place you’ve been to before and their dishes are culinary masterpieces! And to top it all off, the walls of the restaurant are adorned with comments and praise from the people of Eagle! We have loved what we’ve seen and we can’t get enough! So go check it out. I highly recommend this restaurant!  – Alei

Squeeze In Eagle Idaho is located at:

228 East Plaza Drive, Suite F

Open from 7am-2pm.