These are Different Times

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A little while ago, we knew a different life. Businesses were thriving everywhere and the season was in bloom. Spring has always been my favorite time of the year.  It’s when I’ve watched my kids play baseball and softball here in Eagle over the last 20 years.  Like many of you, my life changed when the baseball fields sat empty and the restaurants and shops that are part of our small community were closed.  ( I suddenly became the mom of two middle-school “home-schoolers”.)

I’m grateful for the client relationships that have become friends throughout the years. It is been good to slow down and take in all of the little things that life has to offer.

As I reflect on life in Eagle today,  I appreciate the increased sense of community and family interaction.  It makes me happy to see people riding bikes, walking,  and spending quality time together.  I’m thankful we live in such an amazing place where we encourage each other through uncertain times. I look forward to visiting my favorite businesses in Eagle and watching endless games of baseball and softball in the coming months.

No matter what question you may have about Eagle, I’m happy to be a  resource.



(The below is a page that I’d hope would go into the next edition of the Eagle Magazine, however because of the pandemic they are postponing their late Spring issue.)




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