What is Rembrandt’s?

Rembrandt’s may just be the original morning staple to start of any Eagle local’s day. Originally when it opened it was just a coffee house with some amazing pastries. Fast forward 15 years and it is a beautiful restaurant and venue! Whether you are looking for a nice place to meet up with friends or a beautiful venue for an intimate wedding, Rembrandt’s has the perfect cozy yet classy feel for any occasion.

History of the Building

Part of Rembrandt’s iconic history is the fact that it was built in the turn of the century in the very late 1800s. Back then it was built to be the First Baptist Church in Eagle. The city would feel entirely incomplete without this proud piece of history. The city’s rich history is just one thing that makes Eagle so special. There is a pew adorning the entryway which has stood through many renovations. It ensures it’s patrons that no matter what aesthetics change, the heart of the establishment will always remain the same. No matter what has changed in recent renovations of much needed updates, the original purpose of this building will never be forgotten. And a huge plus of their location is it’s right down the street from the Eagle Library so you can grab a book and settle down with a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Coffee House

Originally, Rembrandt’s opened as a coffee house in 2004 and kept the church feel to the building. They quickly became well known for their delectable pastries. My personal favorite is their homemade croissants topped with just a dash of powdered sugar. It goes perfectly with any meal! They have had many years to specialize in their wide variety of frothy drinks. Whether you’re feeling a shot of espresso or a cappacino, they have anything you want! They are also always happy to customize it with a pump of your favorite flavor! Though there are many awesome coffee shops around Eagle, you can’t go anywhere more iconic than Rembrandts.

Breakfast + Lunch Destination

Rembrandt’s is open every day from 7am til 3pm serving breakfast and lunch. For breakfast they serve plenty of classy dishes such as any type of benedict you can imagine or a delicious quiche. But don’t think they only have the fancy foods, they also serve chicken fried steak and a delicious round of biscuits and gravy. For lunch they serve healthy options such as soups or salad with your choice of a protein. If you’re looking for something a bit more hardy they also have charbroiled burgers, melty reubens, perfectly pressed paninis and even a house made mac that will knock your socks off. One really awesome thing about Rembrandt’s is they have gluten free options to fit everyone’s needs! Their appetizers are some of the best in the city!

Wedding + Event Venue

With such a beautiful space and an iconic building in the heart of town, the owners of Rembrandt’s decided to open it up to be a wedding venue. Included in the venue packages they offer catering but only if you choose to cater with them. Luckily for you, the price to cater is the same as the price to book which is one amazing deal! On top of all this there is plentiful parking and it’s a beautiful photo location for any time of year. If you’re looking for an intimate venue with a modern rustic vibe, be sure to check out Rembrandt’s!


Rembrandts is just one of the many original restaurants in our little town! I hope I’ve convinced you to stop by and tell my favorite baristas hello and grab a drink! As always, if you have any questions about Eagle in general feel free to give me a call!