Late this spring, a new cafe will open on Fairview Ave near Sockeye Brewery and Restaurant. Beyond the usual fare of sandwiches, beer, coffee and wine, Room and Boards Cafe will offer up something new. Board games. Five-hundred board games, hence their clever name, room and board. The owners Scott and Clara Pepper came upon the idea when visiting California, Seattle and Portland. Places like this have popped up in big cities to offer a fun, family friendly environment.

Scott & Clara will open June 1st. People are going to have the ability to come in, kick back and enjoy some of those 500 games out there while enjoying some quality food and service. The cost to rent the game for usage will probably be around $5, and employees will be trained to walk through how to play if it’s a new game to the customers.

Theres something for everyone, games ranging from hard core strategy to entry level games such as Life or Monopoly. In other restaurants like these, people meet regularly to play their favorite games with a group of friends. Whether you’re looking for a fun family night activity or a way to escape life and have fun for awhile, this is the place to go!

Whether you’re 7, 17 or 70 there’s plenty to do at Room and Board. Their aspiration is to make it a place where anyone can come and spend some time away from home and work and just have fun. Keep an eye out for this awesome sandwich shop and board game restaurant coming soon to the Treasure Valley.

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