Blue Toro is Eagle’s hottest new Mexican restaurant located in the North Channel Center downtown. It’s bringing a twist on a new flavor of great tacos in Eagle Idaho! With a funky theme of blue bulls, the local restaurant is often times mistaken for a chain. Brandt Casey, owner of Blue Toro, has been working in the restaurant business for over 30 years. His father opened Boise’s very own Cafe Olé and he has been working there since he was 12. Casey’s newest venture is Mexican food the way he has always wanted to serve it.

Contrary to Cafe Olé’s authentic Mexican dishes, Blue Toro offers a new type of Mexican. Many California natives confuse the owner for a fellow Californian because the food reminds them of the costal taco shops that line the beaches of places like San Diego. Although their tacos are definitely Baja style, Casey is Idaho grown from right here in Boise. Casey decided to branch out and start a whole new restaurant because with a restaurant as established as Cafe Olé, customers are not fans of change in their regular order.

The most popular item on the menu is by far the street tacos. The restaurant is burning through an entire case of cod a day! Between the fresh catches and their tortillas shipped in raw from Utah, Blue Toro uses insanely fresh ingredients. They also offer many lighter fresco options such as bowls and wraps. Another thing that sets Blue Toro aside from other traditional Mexican restaurants, is they serve the chips with the meal. Being in the restaurant business for so long, Casey saw so much food be thrown away and wasted. Although this is their default, if any customer requests the chips before the meal, they are happy to oblige.

Casey’s motto is “whatever the customer wants, absolutely. As long as it is within reason, of course.” With an ideology like that, this restaurant is sure to please the whole family. The restaurant is also known for it’s “funky and fun vibe.” From the blue-coin-operated-bull for the kids to the blue decor and Rupert Holmes Piña Colada song, this restaurant is one of a kind. On their menu, there is even an entire section dedicated to so-called “Funky Tacos.” Blue Toro has certainly gone above and beyond creating the family-friendly and fun atmosphere they were shooting for!

Mexican is one of my favorites, and I’m always looking for new great tacos in Eagle Idaho! All of the amazing restaurants are just one of the many reasons that I love my hometown Eagle! If you ever have questions about the valley, the best bites or fun weekend adventure ideas, feel free to give me a call! I love getting to know more people in my community!