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Parks in Eagle Idaho


Like the rest of Idaho, Eagle offers visitors and residents a variety of beautiful terrains and vistas in its state parks. With its growing popularity as residential community and vacation home destination, Eagle has several recreational parks, hiking trails and outdoor activity parks in and around the area. if you’re wondering of Eagle has any good places and parks to visit, read along. Eagle as a variety of outdoors destinations for everyone.

Eagle Island State Park

Eagle is a unique suburban community surrounded by beautiful foothills right next to Boise, Idaho. A family-oriented destination, Eagle has 6 public parks within the city that offer residents and visitors a variety of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. First stop is the beautiful Eagle Island State Park. Among all of Eagle’s parks, Eagle Island is a major destination for sports, recreation, activities, and events. Eagle Island is a family-oriented destination where families enjoy the beautiful Idaho outdoors all-year-round. In fact, 550-acre park has recreational facilities that keep kids of all ages entertained. In summer, visitors and residents can enjoy water activities at Eagle Island with its riverside beach area, swimming area, and waterslide. For land lovers, Eagle Island State Park has equestrian trails, hiking trails, and huge picnic area where families could have outdoor lunch or simply relax under the sun. Winters are not too shabby here either. Residents and visitors can enjoy tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, don’t fret, the slopes at Eagle Island is good for beginners.

Stephen C. Grueber Community Park

This fun-filled, kid-friendly park sits on 15 acres of land west of Eagle’s city center. The park features recreational areas for children of all ages. With a large multipurpose shelter at the middle of the park, several large pavilions for resting, a full-sized splash pad and water structures for kids, a large picnic area, public rest rooms, sports areas for basketball, baseball and volleyball courts, and hiking trails, the park offers visitors with ample opportunities for outdoor fun. Stephen C. Grueber Community Park is not only a place where families can spend the days outdoors, it is also a community park. Residents and visitors can rent picnic shelters for private or public functions and events. Like Eagle, the Stephen C. Grueber Community Park is a work in progress, the city intends to expand the park and add more recreational and children oriented facilities in the coming years.

Orval Krasen Park

This is a hidden gem in Eagle. The small community park located on Stierman Way, offers families the chance to have a quiet picnic with grills, picnic shelters, open air tables, and a children’s playground. Couples and families could take short strolls along its hills. The park has enough shade for warm summer days and enough little hills perfect for sledding on cold winter days.

Reid Merrill Park

This is an excellent place to visit and experience the urban beauty of Eagle, Idaho. The park has a plethora of recreational facilities for kids and teens which includes a basketball court, a splash pond, a full-sized playground, volleyball courts, kiddie soccer field and pond. Parents and adults can enjoy the outdoors at Reid Merrill Park as well. There is a great picnic area with tables and shelters. There are trails and walking paths that allow visitors and residents to enjoy the beautiful Idaho outdoors. There’s a beautiful walking path along the Boise river that brings visitors close to nature at the heart of Eagle.

Destination Outdoors

Eagle may be a small dot on America’s map but it is full of amazing, beautiful, and exciting experiences. Like the other communities in the Treasure Valley area, Eagle is a growing community with the heart of a small town. If you’re planning to visit or move to Eagle, stop by and explore the various parks in the city, and fall in-love with its mix of urban and rural atmosphere. Feel free to call me at anytime to talk about Eagle and why I love it.



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