The schools in Eagle are amazing. Each comes with a rich and unique background that has offered a foundation to be built upon for many years.

North Star Public Charter School

I must admit I am a little biased when it comes to this school, we were one of the founding families back in 2003. My two oldest sons were among the first to attend this school back when it was a one classroom per grade, K-12 school in what is now Montessori Academy Elementary School. Even from its humble start, North Star was an amazing community full of parents willing to put in effort to make everything work. The teachers there genuinely know and care about each of the children who come through their door and are willing to make adjustments to ensure that every student’s needs are met. The most impressive thing about North Star is that the kids are learning above their grade level and if they so choose, in high school they can graduate with an IB certificate which is similar to a whole year in college. Each of my kids have gone to school here and I must say it is a pretty amazing place. Not to mention, it’s located between two neighborhoods making it an easy walk to school.

Galileo STEM Academy

Galileo is a highly rated, K-6 magnet school that opened in 2006 and has only been growing and developing since. They have recently shifted their focus onto the STEM program which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their mission statement pretty much sums it up: Galileo, a community of explorers discovering their unlimited potential. Their test scores have been reportedly above state average and they offer a wide variety of school clubs for the mind and body. With massive focus on character building, they are also great at giving back to their community by running collection drives for things like lightly used clothes and canned food for the Eagle Food Bank. 

Idaho Fine Arts Academy

IFFA is one of the most prestigious art schools in the community. With an emphasis on the arts, their students are highly trained in whichever major they decide to pursue. This school is full of incredible actors, dancers, musicians and more many of which go on to flourish in their skill. The five major programs they offer are dance, theater, instrumental (whether classical or contemporary), visual arts and vocal performance. Because of the intense level of training and time spent on each individual student, spots are limited. Each seat at the school must be auditioned for creating a community of only the best artists and performers. Currently, they are planning on expanding their student body from 200 students to 400 students by building a new $8 million building planned to be finished in time for the 2020-2021 school year.

Eagle High School

Eagle High school is the city’s largest public high school and a fine choice for any type of student. So far, two of my children have gone there and they love the big school atmosphere and it’s provided both of them with the different levels of education and a smoother transition into a college environment. The nice thing about this high school is the wide range of courses you can take. My daughter took every opportunity to take concurrent courses with the local colleges here in Idaho and many of the classes she took have counted for college credit and saved us on over 15 credits worth of tuition which is huge. Best yet it is all paid for by the state as an initiative to get students into these college courses in high school. They have a wide variety of clubs and sports and even a very large choir program which is one of the best in the county. Our experiences with Eagle High School have been only positive experiences especially for those who thrive best in a big school environment.

I know there are many factors to consider when choosing where to enroll your children into school but I hope that this has helped you gain a little insight to each school, their backgrounds and the environment. In addition to excellent facilities and faculty provided of each school, the local library offers all the tools any student could need to succeed. If you have any questions I would love to chat, give me a call any time!


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