I have been actively selling real estate since 2005. I have lived in Eagle, Idaho since the town’s population was a few hundred people. I’m very fortunate to live in what I consider one of the most incredible places in the world. Some days I look at the foothills, the Boise River, the farms, the parks, and I think about how lucky we are to live here.

For me it means everything to serve the community, to share the area with others, and connect my clients to their perfect home.

Seller Testimonial

“Alei cares a lot. I mean I think the best word that I can think of for Alei is “caring”. We’ve felt through the deals that we’ve done with Alei for real estate, that the number one goal for her was to make sure that our best interests really were looked after.”

“I would say that Alei is others-first sort of personality. When you meet her and you talk to her she wants to know about you, she asks you, she asks about your family, she remembers things from your last interaction and she follows up on them.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with the same team behind the scenes for years. I have people who excel in marketing and social media promotion and I feel grateful to have them on my team. This makes it so I’m available to those I work with.

Buyer Testimonial

“Alei knows the market incredible well. She’s an Eagle native which helps. She knows the schools, she knows the activities, she knows people. She just did a wonderful job of not being too pushy. She was very patient with us. Answered all of our questions. Never made us feel like an inconvenience. Just really, really wonderful.”

I’m in real estate because I like taking people through a journey. My background is I owned a travel agency here for almost 20 years. In that time, I was able to connect with thousands of people. Real Estate is a service just like travel there is good emotions and also stressful ones. I like being able to manage a process and do whatever I can to make the experience as stress free and beneficial as possible.

Growing up, I’ve watched Eagle Idaho change from my family’s 68-acre farm in what is now downtown to one of the nation’s top relocation and moving destinations. Having this history and love it only made sense to focus my business here. I would consider it a priveledge to work with you on your next real estate transaction.

My name is Alei. Feel free to reach out to me.