I’ve wondered many times how luxury property buyers and sellers find the best agent to serve their needs? I’ve worked with many agents on the other side of a transaction who were obviously in over their head with a luxury client.

This Person Will Be Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars

When you think about your time, privacy, family needs, and the process it’s important to be aligned with the right professional. Yet, many times the process of buying or selling a home remains an inefficient endeavor. How can luxury clients find professional that will ensure a smooth, transparent, and profitable transaction that delivers exactly to their needs? The finding of a agent when looking in Idaho is not very difficult. Yes, many great agents live here and they work extremely hard.  Actually, there are almost four thousand of them in or near the Treasure Valley alone. They are on Facebook, at new home communities, open houses, or found in a banner ad on Google. With so many optons, how do you choose a great luxury agent for the most important transaction?  Yours.

Here is what I’ve told people over the years when asked:

  • Check the internet – which agents and look impressive online
  • Are they true business owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Ask for referrals – certainly, specific names will keep coming up
  • Look for those specializing in your type of transaction (I.e. have a track record of success at your price level)
  • Call and interview the agent on the phone – did you feel a connection? 

You’re sophisticated, and it will be easy to see through any boasting. Ask the agent about their personal values, how they approach the business, how long they have been selling homes, then see if they take the time to learn about what is most important to you. Seek out a Realtor who is respected and liked in the industry – you can do this by calling other agents.  Feel free to ask “who would you use if it was your transaction” and wait for their answer. Look for an agent with the right balance of motivation, professionalism, and experience in your price point. Make sure you know who you will actually be working with – research their testimonials and ask to speak with some of their past clients. Many big name agents have large teams, and you won’t actually speak with them. That will never happen when you work with me. I answer my phone personally and you’ll deal with me, or at the very least, one of my most trusted specialists the entire time. Remember, I’m always available to you; That’s my promise.

There are ways you can stand out as a Client. Make sure you position yourself as a friendly, open, and have a well-defined list of expectations. Show your potential agent that you are prepared, qualified, and serious about taking action if the right opportunity prevails itself.

For Luxury Real Estate Sellers
Be prepared to go through presentation materials with all the ways your luxury home will be marketed. There are certainly agents and real estate brokerages which do more than others, and have higher quality marketing teams, tools, and materials than others. Make sure the materials address your specific area and include detailed and logical comparables for your property. Even for the most spectacular homes on the planet it takes hard work, dedication, expertise, and a network of connections to bring about a successful closing.

For Luxury Real Estate Buyers
It is critical to find an agent who appreciates your taste in property and lifestyle. If you’re short on time, your agent must have carefully drilled down a shortlist for you  to view. If they are weak or taking the wrong direction from the beginning it isn’t likely to get any better later in the relationship.

So if the agent’s network is what moves big listings, how do luxury home sellers ensure that the agent of their choice possesses the connections to find the right buyer? I owned a luxury travel agency here in Boise for 20 years. Most of my deals are done through the networks that I built up over time in the travel business.

Look for a strong history of sales in your price range and area as well as long-standing involvement in the local community. You’ll want an agent with global reach so ask your agent about their partnerships with agents and companies in other markets. For example, I’m affiliated with Leverage Global Partners and dozens of other syndicates to connect with potential buyers. In addition, I’m part of numerous elite real estate luxury collaborations that connect me with the top realtors in luxury real estate markets all over the globe.

Luxury homeowners also know that the sale is only one part of the agent’s job. We play a significant role in pre-screening potential buyers, and keeping your time and family safe during the process. Does your agent have a proven system for things like this?

I welcome the opportunity to interview for the job of your luxury agent.


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Expert Advice Provided by Alei Merrill
With over $150 million in career real estate sales, Alei Merrill is a leading luxury real estate agent for the Eagle, Idaho area. Aei is locally-renowned for her sales record, international affiliations, high integrity, and professionalism at all price points. To speak with Alei, call her at 208-573-1619 or email here.  Feel free to learn more about Alei here.