My Story

One question  I am often asked is why I chose real estate. I absolutely love being in real estate and there are numerous reasons why! But first, let me share the story of my path into real estate. Out of high school, I landed a job working on airlines in Connecticut. I spent 6 years away from Idaho, realizing I missed my home! I decided to start in the travel agency business and began at Anderson Travel in 1991. I was offered ownership in 1993 and operated the agency full time for 21 years until 2012. I enjoyed helping people get ready for their vacations and fun adventures.

In time, I finally decided to take the leap into Real Estate, which had always been an interest of mine. I knew real estate would be a great opportunity for my family, myself, and my talents and abilities. I started in 2005, and have loved each ongoing year more than the last. Real estate is a major passion for me, but more importantly, the people I work with are my passion! I love the opportunity to connect with others personally while helping them through major life steps, transitions, and choices.

That is a summary of my path into real estate, but here are the reasons I continue in this passion year after year!

People and Their Stories

One thing I love most about what I do is the people that I meet and work with. Every client has a special story and I get to form a genuine connection with each one. I am grateful that each client turns into a dear friend. It is a privilege to be even a small part of their life experience, and I feel so blessed to have them written into my own story!

Trusted Advisor Alei with Clients

Every Day is a New Adventure

If you know me, you know that I love a fun adventure! In real estate, every day becomes one! There are certain tasks that every day requires of me, but every day is filled with new experiences. There are new people, new properties, and new obstacles to encounter. I love that real estate challenges me to think outside of the box and maximize the best outcomes for each situation. 

Never Stop Learning

I love learning! I am grateful that my position in real estate offers a wealth of information for me to do so. There’s always something exciting to learn, whether it be market trends, new technologies, or social media. I find fulfillment in expanding my knowledge more and more each day and am humbled to have that opportunity in the real estate field of work. 

Womans Council of Realtors Alei Merrill speaking

A Chance to Do Good

Moving is a stressful task, and adding in the details of the real estate process can seem overwhelming! As a Realtor, I love helping my clients to relieve stress and get them where they want to be. I strive to support my clients in every way possible in order to help them through huge transitions. I advocate for their benefit in each situation. I consider it my responsibility to provide every tool and resource available to make my client’s real estate experience one of a kind. I love that each day I am provided a chance to do good for someone else. 

Alei Selling Sunset


Another huge advantage to real estate is that I am able to pursue entrepreneurship. As a female business owner, I want to encourage everyone to go after their business dreams. I love owning my own business and brand! It provides unlimited potential to thrive. As an entrepreneur, I am driven to maintain the highest quality and professionalism possible while delivering the best transactions possible for my clients. 

Outlet for Creativity

Although I am no expert in the creative sphere, I enjoy the fact that real estate allows me to express myself creatively. I love writing blogs to share my life and family experiences, creating brochures for homes, listing verbiage, and choosing the right photos to best market listings. Real estate allows me to tap into multiple avenues of my mind, and I especially appreciate the opportunity to create. 

Alei Merrill

Home is Most Important

Helping others in their real estate journey is truly my passion. Home is the most important thing in the world to me. A place to be with my loved ones and create lifetime memories. I strive to ensure each one of my clients, buying or selling, is satisfied and confident as they take their next steps in their home journey. My name is Alei, and I am more than happy to be a resource to you. I am ready to assist you no matter what price point or part of the Treasure Valley you are interested in. Call or text Alei at 208-900-2534 to talk about the best options for your specific situation.