From the bustling life of California to the serene scene in Idaho, Ryan, Mel and their three children have made Eagle their new home. Snuggled around a fire pit in Frontier Feathers Farm, surrounded by mountains is a view this family of five is new to, but one that comes with many new adventures. 

“We’ve got a hobby farm that we’re all involved in as a family.” Ryan said. “Our three young kids all have farm chores to do. There’s just something awesome about being outside with the family working together as opposed to everyone indoors, in separate rooms, on electronics.”

As the co-founder and president of a popular clothing brand, Ryan Heuser has spent the last 15 years hustling. In addition to his role at Paul Frank Industries, he has also written an autobiography, created a podcast, and has been a TED X presenter.

But in this next chapter of life, Ryan shares he wants to learn and experience something completely new! “I’m a believer that nothing good happens when you’re comfortable,” Ryan said.

Ryan’s talented wife Mel could not agree more. As a lover of design and connecting people, Mel knew they could create something really special together! With that, Coffee and Supply Co. was born!

This coffee shop in Eagle serves delicious coffee and espresso alongside freshly baked goods from Catherine who locally owns and operates Savory n Sweet Inc. 

As a local business in Eagle, the Heusers also see this shop as a chance to showcase local farms by featuring their seasonal harvest. And by selling local fresh berries and hand-picked flowers from local artists, Coffee and Supply Co. also created space for a general store filled with speciality gifts, housewares, and apparel from hand-selected brands. 

The move to Eagle, Idaho was a thoughtful decision by the Heusers to find space to recalibrate their lifestyle as a family. “Coming to Eagle and opening a local business is a culmination of many years in a creative-driven industry, along with a passion for great coffee,” Ryan said. 

Coffee and Supply Co. is the Heusers way of creating a place to gather with their new community. This cozy spot in Eagle is designed for optimum connection through events, coffee dates, and even relaxation in the sofa-bedecked lounge. 

“As we know, Eagle, Idaho is a fast-growing city with lots of expats from places like Seattle, San Francisco, LA and other metropolitan areas,” Ryan said. “I feel like we’re bringing those people something more neighborhood familiar while at the same time bringing something entirely new.”

For more information, visit and online or follow their business page on Facebook or Instagram.