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Eagle Climate

One of the questions people ask me most often when arriving in Idaho is, “What is the Eagle weather like?” The short answer is “It’s amazing!” Each of the four seasons offers benefits and beauty that are enjoyed by the residents.

Eagle’s climate is nothing short of amazing in every aspect. Both the weather climate and social climate of this area are something to rave about! I’m grateful to be an Eagle, Idaho native. Born and raised in this “howdy neighbor” town with a population of 536 people, I have seen Eagle grow year after year into the beautiful and thriving community of 29,976 today. As a little girl,  I remember riding my horse into town on warm summer days and walking around town to see the twinkling Christmas lights through the cold but cozy winter nights. Today, I love spending time doing outdoor activities with my family from watching baseball games all spring and summer, walking along the Boise River Greenbelt, visiting Twin Oaks Farm to gather holiday pumpkins,  and snow sledding at Eagle Skate Park. The weather in Eagle gifts us with all four seasons. True to the winter, spring, summer, and fall months, Eagle’s climate provides the perfect temperatures for the activities of the year with hardly any surprising weather changes.

General Eagle Weather

If you’re considering relocating to Eagle or visiting the area for the first time, you can enjoy the environment and atmosphere of the Gem State. Although Eagle is in the Pacific Northwest, it has a very pleasant year-round climate. Like its neighboring cities Boise and Meridian, Eagle is located in a wide river valley. It is about 480 miles from the Oregon Coast, which creates a kind of tropical effect of warm air. These, and other conditions of the river plain, allow Eagle to have an overall mild climate. Perfect year-round for whatever outdoor activity you enjoy, whether it’s golfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or hiking, Eagle has a perfect temperate condition.


In springtime the grass gets green, blossoms and flowers peek out, and we have a small amount of rain which leaves beautiful rainbows. March starts with an average temperature of 56° F, which grows to 63° F in April, and averages 73° F in May. The average rainfall in Eagle is 12 inches per year. The beautiful trees and budding blossoms refresh the community and everyone catches spring fever, ready to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. In the springtime months, I love visiting local parks with my family. There are so many fun and beautiful parks in Eagle to spend time with those you love!

Alei Merrill Spring


As summer approaches, the foothills turn green and it gets warmer during the day. Temperatures throughout June, July, and August average between 83°F – 91° F. Summer days are a “dry” heat, perfect for sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. My favorite summertime activity is heading to a nearby river or lake to cool off! Whether you like to lounge in the boat, be in the center of the action on the tube, or even take it easy on the shore, the summer weather is perfect for a day on the lake. A favorite local activity in the sunshine is floating down the Boise River Greenbelt. I have had the opportunity to do so a few times, and it is a great activity to enjoy the summer sun and cool off!

Alei Merrill Summer


When fall comes, the leaves turn into each stunning color and the air begins to chill. The average September temperature stays at 81° F. While October and November average 67° F down to 51° F. Eagle area never falls short come autumn time. Plus, it’s just the perfect distance from mountain air, rolling hills, or that phenomenal feel of open roads. There are a plethora of hiking trails just moments from wherever you decide to live with stunning views among the gorgeous fall leaves. Nothing will beat the incredible things to see and capture in our neck of the woods, especially in Eagle State Park, a local state park full of the natural beauty the Treasure Valley has to offer.

Alei Merrill Fall


Eagle winters are an enjoyable winter wonderland. Temperatures for December through February average 42° F – 47° F. The average snowfall in here is 10.5 inches per year. Eagle sits in a valley, and when the snow falls it rarely will stay on the ground for more than a few days. The snow stays just long enough to enjoy, with ought overstaying its welcome. Roads stay clear and the air is crisp. Day-to-day activities can carry on as usual in the cold, and if you are looking for a little more snow, there are ski and snowboarding resorts close by. In the winter, we have some incredible skiing and snowboarding resorts in the mountains. Some of my favorite resorts are Tamarack and Bogus Basin located just 1-2 short hours from the heart of Boise.

Alei Merrill Winter

Eagle weather is a treat and just one of the many reasons I love calling this place home. Experiencing the natural elements here could not be more ideal. From the summer sun to the cozy winters, and everything in between, I hope you delight in the weather just as much as I do!




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