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My Reccomendations for Today’s Homebuyer

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Today’s Homebuyer

I have specialized with both buyers and sellers throughout my entire career and have seen the market in many different conditions! Real estate has a major influence on our lives and in the world today. I have also seen the overwhelming influence it can have on others as they begin their search for a new home, it helps to have some guidance!

Because of this, I want to be of service to you! I would love to offer you some of my insights and recommendations when beginning your real estate journey to buy a home. These few gems of knowledge have helped my clients time and time again, and hopefully can be of help to you. Let’s dive in!


Work with a Qualified Professional Agent

My first and most important recommendation is to find an expert real estate professional who you can trust. Look for an agent who truly understands your needs and has a genuine desire to assist you. In today’s market, you will want a professional with a strong comprehension of the community and the area you are looking to relocate to. Their skills and understanding will be extremely helpful to you. An investment in a stellar agent will result in a preferable transaction, the best outcome for you, and an enjoyable experience!

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Find a Recommended Lender

My second advisement is to lock in a lender that will help you facilitate a smooth transaction.  Finding a great lender who is there to support you through your transaction will make a world of difference. A great lender will know the ins and outs of your financing options, communicate with you thoroughly,  and professionally finish out the details of each step. Their expertise provides a less stressful, and more confident experience. Your real estate professional may also have great referrals they can share with you when looking for a lender.

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Do Your Research

Another invaluable direction I give to clients is to do your research in order to decide where you want to live and to understand the neighborhoods in that area. Do as much research as possible on these areas and neighborhoods you are interested in. This will prove most beneficial in finding your perfect home. From the commutes to work, local schools, restaurants, shopping, community amenities, parks, etc – dig into any detail you can think of! Keep in mind your lifestyle, and make sure the areas you are interested in fit the way you live. This is also a great time to consult with your real estate professional, they can help answer any questions you may have regarding an area or neighborhood.


What is Important to You

My next recommendation is to make a list of the top items that are most important to you. Decide what few items are most valuable to you and stick with them throughout your journey. It can be easy to get lost in the weeds – trust me, I’ve been there! But, if you know what is important to you, decision-making and problem-solving become a hundred times easier! Your real estate professional will also help you remember those items and have them at the forefront of your real estate search.


I hope these recommendations will be of service to you as you prepare to take an exciting step in life! For even more advice or recommendations, call or text Alei at 208-900-2534 whether you are looking to buy or sell. As an expert real estate advisor for the last 17 years, I am happy to help you find the perfect property for your needs!




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