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My house had a flood last fall. There was a pipe in my crawlspace that cracked and had been leaking for who knows how long to the point where there was standing water.  During remediation, it was discovered the moisture had come up from underneath into my wood floors and warped them. Many weeks of remediation later, the installation of a sump pump, and the removal of my entire main-level flooring surfaces, bring me to today. It’s been four months and I’m still working through the process with the insurance company and contractors to get everything back to “normal”.  This experience has given me a greater appreciation for everyone who has to pack up all their stuff, reorganize their life, and make a move. Many times, as it’s been for me, getting organized can be an overwhelming process.

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Through all this (and since everything on my main level is packed up and put in cardboard boxes anyway) I’ve decided now is a perfect opportunity to get organized. I have these visions of what you see on Pinterest where closets have perfectly aligned totes – labeled and color-coordinated, of course. (OK, that’s probably not going to happen.)  However, I’ve decided that my mission for 2022 is to get organized. 

 Getting Organized

So, with everything in disarray 2022 is my year to get everything in order! Between being a mom to 5 kids, having a full-time career in real estate, and taking care of all the everyday tasks, I completely understand how easy it is to feel distracted and disorganized. There are countless reasons to get organized,  two of the main reasons being:

1. To know what you have and where it is located.

2. To avoid redundancies (i.e. You can save money and be more efficient with your space. I love the sound of that!)

These are great motivators. But, for me, the best reason is that a well-organized home is a foundation for wellness. After the commotion we experience each day, I think we can all benefit from a little more wellness in our lives. 

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Don’t Be Overwhelmed

Over and over, I’ve had conversations with others about the positive transformations they experience when they organize their spaces. Unorganized spaces can feel overwhelming and chaotic all at once. A tidy space can inspire productivity and calmness. Our home has a profound effect on our lives, and some sense of order helps us to achieve more of what we want. I love when things are organized because then I can spend my energy on the things that matter most. I am more productive, peaceful, and happy!

Some Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me to get organized while putting my home back together. (I understand how busy life can be, always on the go, so I have tried to make these tips as quick and easy as possible.) Here we go:

1. Organize the space into categories. Start by sorting out every item in the space into different piles. No matter how big, small, or random, the item is, find a pile for it. Designate your piles into categories by grouping “like” items together. This will help you see what you actually have in order to determine the best place for the item later. Don’t feel bad if you have tons of piles either, trust me, I understand that it can feel like a lot! This step will help you take inventory of what is actually in your home. 

2. Clear out the clutter. Editing (or purging) is an important step. In most cases, organization is difficult because there is too much stuff. Go through each pile and decide if you should keep the item, or if it would serve you to get rid of it. You can either donate or throw away items you no longer want to hold on to.  I wouldn’t recommend discarding anything that is important to you, but we must evaluate what is most meaningful and useful to us during the edit of our items. This step will leave you feeling so refreshed with items that have a purpose in your life. 

3. Contain the categories. After you have sorted out your belongings, it is time to decide where they should go back inside your home. A designated place for each item is key to keeping a space clean. Choose containers that are functional, this will help you maintain the organization you have worked hard on establishing. Ensure the containers are appropriate for the types of items being stored as well. This is, in fact, the best part of all! With your containment, you have the chance to make the space beautiful and uniquely yours. 

4. Label. You may be tempted not to label the final step, but it is essential if you want to preserve all of your hard work. Label your containers with their respective category. Keep it general to allow flexibility. You can use stickers, markers, paper, tape, etc. Now everyone knows what items go where! Especially you (if you don’t look at them again for years). 

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Cheers to Getting Organized!

I hope these tips help as you get organized in your own home this year. I know they have helped me in so many ways, especially my overall mental wellness of knowing where everything will be once the home is all put together. Cheers to you and happy organizing! It’s looking like 2022 is going to be another crazy year in Idaho real estate. We still have very low inventory, high buyer demand, and all kinds of people moving from all over the U.S. When it’s time to make a move, I’d be honored to be of assistance. I’m going into my 16th year of the business and it gets more enjoyable every year. The market changes just about every day so if you hear of anyone asking about Eagle real estate, please give them my name or number to send a message 208-900-2534. My best to you and your family always.



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