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If you know me, you know I love a great meal. I am always on the lookout for foods that taste good and are good for you. Here in Eagle, we have many places to enjoy a dining experience, but one of the best is a local cuisine expert.

His name is Personal Chef Ken. Ken is a culinary artist whose meals “wow” everyone’s palates.

He is a skilled chef with great technical skills, but he also knows how to create delicious, well-balanced meals. He provides a variety of services including custom meal plans, catering special events, and cooking lessons and demonstrations. He has a wonderful website that you can visit for more information and to contact Ken.

Meet Personal Chef Ken

Personal Chef Ken LLC in Eagle, Idaho received its first check in April of this year. Since then, he has had the pleasure of meeting, cooking, and teaching so many extraordinary, fun, and hungry people here in the Treasure Valley. He can honestly say, that he loves his job!

You can tell from the moment you meet him, that he is very passionate about his business and the food he makes. His goal is to always exceed expectations, make the experience euphoric, and leave the client excited for the next time.

In the Beginning

Ken began his culinary journey as a dishwasher, which happened to be the same year Jurassic Park was the #1 movie and the Food Network premiered on television in 1993. The year after, he became a prep cook moving up the ranks of the kitchen to work the sauté and grill stations.

Today, he is a master of cuisine and is located right here in special Eagle. He shares his skill and expertise with those who are looking for the best bite.

Passion for Food

Ken is truly inspired by the work he does. When asked what inspired him to begin pursuing his passion he said, “I’ve worked in the food service industry for 28 years. I’ve done this in various shapes and forms, and had many wonderful and diverse experiences. I’ve also had the good fortune of working with many of the most talented and inspiring people in the business.”

“After reflecting on that, I thought about the areas that brought me the greatest joy and fulfillment. Many of those memories involved creating recipes and menus that were challenging, delicious, and fun, and seeing what joy that brought to my customers who shared my passion for food.”

Enjoy the Culinary Experience

He goes on to say, “I decided to use my knowledge and abilities to bring the experience and enjoyment of Michelin star quality food to people in their own homes. I do this by creating meal plans, menus and recipes, and classes that are uniquely customized for each client. I also create culinary experiences for special occasions that are enhanced by the beauty and flavor of the culinary world.”

Thoughtful Gourmet Recipes

Ken creates a variety of delicious gourmet meals. Each recipe is thoughtfully put together with experience and expertise.

Currently, his favorite meal to create is a take on Samin Nosrat’s buttermilk brined roast chicken. He smokes the chicken at a low temperature before roasting. Then, he uses the pan juices from the chicken to cook roasted vegetables and potatoes directly under the roast chicken. It is a very simple process but yields the juiciest, crispy-skinned chicken ever!

Left Wanting More

He loves to cook new dishes that he can put a spin on. He said, “That is the beauty of cooking, there is always more to learn and have fun with!” His love for what he does shines through in his plates. Each course will leave you wanting more!

Eagle Lifestyle

A huge part of what makes Eagle so special is the people. Eagle lifestyle is all about embracing the special experiences life has to offer, such as enjoying an exquisite meal or learning a new skill. I am grateful and proud to be able to highlight the hard work and enthusiasm that Ken, and all of our local business owners, have for what they do.

If you have any questions about Personal Chef Ken or Eagle, Idaho, please reach out to Alei at 208-900-2534. I am happy to be of assistance in any way!




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