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New Beginnings

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A very Happy New Year to all! What a great holiday season it was. I love this time of year for so many reasons, but especially because this time of year is spent with loved ones and is an incredible opportunity to refresh. I hope you had the same opportunity before starting 2022.

I always take the last week of the year to step back and get away to somewhere special with my family. This year, my children and I took off to San Pedro, Belize. It was a beautiful place to relax and renew. During this time, I like to reflect on the previous year and give thanks for both the triumphs and trials that came. Spending this valuable time with my family also helps me refocus and truly enjoy what life is all about. Time with my family just fills my soul! We had so many adventures over those few days in paradise!

Time to Enjoy and Refocus

When we arrived the first day, we settled in and had a fun family dinner, everyone eager for the days ahead!

We kicked off the second day with cave tubing. This was one of the coolest experiences ever. Using our headlamps to float through the water,  our guide told us all of the interesting facts of the caves and the history of the Mayan people in the areas. After the tour, we went on to one of my favorite parts of our time there, zip-lining. We went on a series of six different zip lines. Each one got longer and faster as we went along. It was a blast to fly through the air, and a little bit scary trying to stop yourself at the end. Luckily, we all made it out alive! But really, it felt so freeing to let go and fly through the air.

Cave Tubing

On the third day, we went sea fishing with our two guides, Cord and Fish! My kids loved fishing off the boat and caught quite a few after trying a few different channels. We went on to have a beachside bbq with the fish we caught, and the meal was so amazing! We finished off the sea trip by seeing a lot of  “bamboo chickens,” aka the many iguanas on the island! Such a neat experience!

Beach BBQ

On Thursday, we went to a beautiful place called Secret Beach (which is not so secret because there were a lot of people there..!!). It was easy to see why though, the water was so turquoise and warm!

On the last day of the year, we sailed out into the water and went snorkeling. We saw sea turtles and a variety of fish! The most exciting part was swimming with the nurse sharks! I even touched one, such a thrill!

Sea Fishing

I invited 2022 in with the people I love most, my children. Taking this trip with them was so refreshing and centering for me. I made memories that I will treasure forever.

Happy New Year

Ready for the New Year

I am grateful for this amazing experience in Belize! This time away to refresh is a business practice that I strongly feel has helped me hit the ground running with newfound motivation. I am able to reestablish my purpose and create a positive mindset to move forward into the new year doing what I love in Real Estate. There are so many adventures and lessons to learn ahead this year, and I feel more ready than ever!

Thanks for being a part of my journey and for all the support you have given me to make this trip possible. Looking forward to helping many of you in 2022 realize your real estate ambitions, whatever they may be.



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